4 Ways to Integrate Digital Signage Into Event Venues

Adding a modern touch to an event venue is an ideal way to draw in new customers, refresh the visuals, and provide a fun atmosphere for guests. Whether the event is a large party, wedding reception, or some type of award ceremony, numerous ways exist to integrate digital signage into the venue.

Once digital signage is installed, customization becomes easier, allowing the venue to adapt and change the signage as needed for each event. Browse through the various options to learn how to integrate the signs into a venue and make the most out of the technology.

1. Buffet and Food Tables

The use of digital signage will make serving and providing food for guests a lot more organized and controlled. For example, small digital screens may be above a serving table and list the various types of foods. Not only will guests know exactly what they will eat, but the signage can provide dietary information as well. This is a very informative way to include peanut allergy warnings, products which include dairy, and anything that is gluten-free.

For food items like wraps, egg rolls, or desserts, listing the names of these items will make it easy to figure out exactly what a guest is getting and prevent a waste of food. In a low-lit room, the digital screens make the items easy to read as well.

2. Social Media Integration

When people attend events these days, social media integration becomes a big part of the festivities. Posts, stories, and media are often shared at a rapid pace. Digital signage has the ability to capture these posts and make them flow naturally into the event.

You have many options for creating a digital social media wall where specific hashtags capture messages and related media directly into the event. Using one or more of these screens will not only help provide guests with some interactive entertainment but helps promote the venue the guests are at.

3. Custom Greetings and Signs

Adding a personal touch to events can make guests feel special and elevate their experience. Long gone are the days of simply using custom banners or handmade signs. Digital signage allows for even more personal touches to any event.

Entry signage can greet guests with the name of an event or the name of a couple for a wedding reception. Following various guidelines for name order will help add professionalism and elegance to the signage. Along with the text, the digital signage can mix in digital animations and effects to elevate the look and presence. Various themes include holidays, romance, and business as needed.

The custom greetings may also be applicable to video signage within the event venue. You may have signs for specific areas of the event or looping animations to incorporate the theme.

4. Video Integration

Digital signage also has the technology and ability to integrate a wide variety of videos for use within an event venue. For example, during a wedding reception, a video slideshow could showcase clips of the couple together and even may include clips from the ceremony itself.

A company hosting a business event could use videos of their business, including commercials and informational videos. Using videos can elevate the presence of the room and the feeling of the event.

These videos are ideal for looping backgrounds and could also be used on the dance floor. Dance videos could include lighting designs and cool video effects to go with the theme of a party. The videos can enhance the dance floor, and all of the elements can work together to provide a memorable experience.

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