4 Ways Your Ballroom Can Meet Modern Wedding Needs

The wedding industry is a big market for hotels and conference centers. With more than $56 billion spent on weddings in 2017, your facility deserves to get – and grow – its piece of the pie. But how can you make your hotel’s wedding venues more attractive to modern, tech-savvy couples? Here are four key ways.

1. Upgrade Your Infrastructure

No one can run all the modern technological requirements or offer more if the utility infrastructure in the ballroom or grotto is still from 1975.

Today’s weddings draw a lot of electrical power in a variety of ways. You’ll need sufficient voltage and power outlets to connect specialty lighting throughout the room. The DJ, caterers, vendors, and guests will be armed with cellphones and tablets that also need to keep up a charge throughout the evening.

Do an infrastructure evaluation for all wedding-related venues to see where you can boost outlet availability, set up phone charging stations, keep wireless signals reliable, and move water and electricity connections to more convenient access points.

2. Offer Lighting Options

Every bride wants a personalized wedding that makes her and her partner feel like the kings and queens of the day. But a hotel ballroom can be too cookie-cutter to realize their dreams. While you can’t personalize everything about your ballroom, you can do a lot with lighting.

Simple string lights transform a ballroom into a fairy wonderland. Oversize lighted letters make great backdrops. Many couples love the drama of suspending lights from the ceiling – from paper lanterns to custom chandeliers and hanging greenery.

Projections allow your space to become anything that guests can dream up. Is your venue set up to handle all these modern options comfortably? If not, this is a great place to start modernizing.

3. Make the Venue Convertible

Your venue should be able to adjust to various sizes of wedding and reception needs. Can you replace a solid exterior wall with a more attractive and movable window wall so that the party can be both indoor and outdoor? Are the ballroom walls fully adjustable so as to house guest lists from 50 to 500? And is noise insulation adequate so that all these weddings will feel exclusive?

Can you handle last-minute changes and alterations with ease? An outdoor venue, for instance, could use movable containers, beautiful screens, and potted plants to make the space larger or smaller as needed. You should always be prepared to offer different sizes of dance floors or platforms, additional tables and linens, and adjustments in the food service station layout.

4. Use Virtual Planning

Wedding planning has gone to the digital realm, so your business should strive to keep up. Many brides, grooms, and family members do much of their research online, so develop a strong web presence. Your website should feature a variety of wedding samples of all sizes and styles. In addition, be proactive in using social media platforms to highlight not only events but also new gadgets, designs, and techniques you can offer.

Once a couple chooses your venue, do as much of the additional work online as possible.

  • Use a client portal to house and sign documents as needed and communicate in detail.
  • Email paperwork rather than have couples return unnecessarily in person.
  • Recommend wedding planning apps and tools – such as apps for planning room layout or guest seating
    assignments, apps for creating playlists, or apps for budgeting the wedding.

Your staff should be familiar with these features to provide tips and tricks.

Not sure what you can do to modernize your hotel’s wedding venue offerings? Start by talking to the audio visual experts at Koncept Systems today. Together, we can transform any venue into a surefire hit for modern couples.

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