6 Tips to Prep Your Venue for Concerts

Has your venue been the place to be for dozens of events or did you just buy a new event venue? Whatever the case, hosting a concert can bring in new and loyal patrons alike. But a concert isn’t like a wedding reception or school dance. How do you prep your venue for a knockout show? Use the tips below to get everything in order beforehand.

1. Create a Concert Calendar

You can’t throw a concert together last minute. These events take time and planning, and creating a calendar helps you keep everything organized and on schedule.

Choose a day (or days) of the week when you’d like to host a concert in your venue. Block that day off in your calendar so you don’t accidentally schedule other events on top of the concert. If needed, you can break your calendar into quarters, months, and weeks so you accomplish every task in time for the performance.

2. Book Talent

No show is complete without a star performer. Whether you want to showcase big names or local talent, you need to book your talent well in advance and keep the performer within your budget.

Reach out to a group or artist’s manager. Or if you have personal connections, contact singers yourself. You can also advertise for and hold auditions for up-and-coming groups. Once you know who you want to perform at your venue, discuss their fees and schedule their performance date.

3. Advertise Wisely

You need fans to attend your show, so advertise to them strategically. Famous performers may advertise for themselves and attract large crowds. Newer stars, though, need a little help to get people in your door.

Advertise wherever and however you can – on social media, on your website, in the paper, or on the radio – but be flexible.

Don’t be afraid to offer incentives to concert-goers, either. For example, you could advertise that anyone wearing a T-shirt with the performer’s logo on it will get a free drink or snack the night of the event. Or you could send out a flyer that offers a BOGO ticket deal if patrons buy their tickets at the door the night of the concert.

4. Select the Lighting

While your venue stays lit with general lighting features, you may need some unique options to elevate the performance. Your artist may need a spotlight or colored lights during their performance. Or you may want mood lighting to create a specific ambiance for attendees.

Whatever lighting option you choose, remember to have a professional assist you so you don’t experience any setbacks.

5. Update Your Audio

There’s no point in planning for a concert if the audience can’t hear the band playing or the singers trilling melodic tunes. Updated audio equipment helps your guests hear what’s being played and sung without straining, which ultimately provides them with a better experience.

As with lighting, a professional can inspect your current equipment and install a new system if needed. They can even walk you through different options suitable for your venue’s size.

6. Hire Enough Staff

Your performer will likely have their own crew to set up and take down equipment. But you’ll still need employees to help make the night a success. Consider how many people will attend the concert, what tasks need completing beforehand, and if you’ll need security for the night. With those details, you can then determine how much staff support you’ll need that night.

Come concert day, you’ll be glad you used these tips to prepare your venue for the event. Now all that’s left to do is enjoy the show and keep planning for new events. Contact Koncept Audio Video Lighting to set your venue up for success.

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