Boost Profits by Modernizing the Tech in Meeting Room Spaces

The meeting rooms in your hotel are a chance to boost revenue and build a regular clientele that’s not dependent on tourism. But designing a modern space that will meet the needs of today’s business and recreational gatherings means more than adding four walls and a dance floor.

What do you need to include to attract the right attention? Here are four modern technology needs.

Robust Wireless Internet

Most things that your meeting room users will access require reliable and fast internet connections. The audio-visual system, its controllers, projected images, and mobile devices that control it all operate on wifi. The system is often networked together wirelessly, reducing unsightly and potentially hazardous wiring.

Audience members, vendors, and presenters will all need wireless access, as will remote control devices on Bluetooth or other platforms. And remote participants need quality video feeds.

All this added tech means that your space must be prepared to handle a heavy wireless internet load.

Plenty of Power Access

If you limit electrical connections, wireless internet range, and lighting configuration, users will be stuck with only a certain setup – which won’t win you a lot of good word of mouth recommendations. Instead, provide more than enough access points – including wall, floor, and even ceiling plates – for all services in any setup.

In addition to power access, guests should be able to use the audio-visual system in different ways. Large conferences or conventions occupying multiple rooms may want digital signage in the area or the ability to broadcast room events into other rooms as well.

Being able to provide wider choices under your normal use setup of the room (or rooms) – rather than hiring outside audiovisual work – saves your clients time and money, and it boosts your appeal.

Ability to Reconfigure the Room

Consider how your meeting spaces can be changed, divided, or added to. Many large ballrooms and conference rooms can be subdivided into two or three separate spaces. This means that all the audio-visual setups, controls, and options need to be split into three distinct units that can either be used together or as separate systems.

Likewise, power outlets and wireless signals need to be reachable by users of the main space or its divided sections. If walls move, provide outlets independent of those walls.

Even within each meeting space, your venue must be able to reconfigure itself quickly and smoothly. It should be able to turn from daytime training seminar to nighttime karaoke party without the setup becoming chaotic.

Comfortable Room Designs

While weddings and other parties have always been a place to experiment with traffic flow, seating layouts, and decorations, even today’s business meeting are changing. Many businesses see the value in having a more relaxed meeting area – with lounge furnishings, a bar, cocktail tables, and eclectic lighting or video projection options.

Your clients may want to make a splash at corporate launch parties with big presentations, or they might want a cozy feeling during a cocktail party for new stockholders.

Seeing to the comfort of all your guests may also include beefing up the soundproofing system, adding charging stations, making acoustical elements comfortable to listen to, and facilitating social media use during events.

Are your meeting areas up to the needs of today’s meetings, parties, and conventions? If you’re not sure, now is the time to upgrade so you can attract more clients to this part of your hotel operation. At Koncept Systems, we work with businesses of all sizes and styles to create the right lighting, audio-visual, and control systems for each client. Call us today for an appointment or to learn more.

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