Top Concerns When Choosing Lighting for Your Hotel Ballroom

Whether you’re building a new hotel or if you’re making improvements to an existing property, one area you may want to pay attention to is the ballroom. A large space that can be used for hosting events is a great addition to your hotel, but you have to make sure that you get it just right.

Lighting is one big consideration, and you’ll want to keep these key things in mind when choosing the lighting for your ballroom.

Installation Costs

First, you’re probably working with a budget when building your hotel or renovating your ballroom. You have to find lighting that will work well in the space without going over your budget. In addition to the cost of the lighting itself, you also have to consider the cost of a professional installation.

Set a budget for lighting installation, and work with a professional. Then you can check out the lighting options that will work well for your ballroom without breaking the bank. You might be surprised by the many different manufacturers and lighting types that are available at different price points and that work well for lower budgets.

Operating Costs

You don’t have to think about just the cost of your new ballroom lighting; you also have to consider the operating costs. Choose lighting that doesn’t cost a lot to operate if you want to stick within your hotel’s monthly operating budget in the months and years to come.

Luckily, more energy efficient lighting options are available for these spaces now than ever before. An LED lighting system is one type of lighting system that you’ll probably want to consider. In a residential setting, LED lighting uses 75 percent less energy than incandescent lighting. You can enjoy similar energy savings in your hotel ballroom.

LED lighting also helps you reduce operating costs because they don’t have to be replaced as often. When you have multiple light fixtures throughout your spacious ballroom, lights that last longer save a significant amount of money.

You can keep operating costs down in other ways, too. For example, a control system will help you reduce operating costs and will improve the use of your ballroom lighting. Consider setting the light on a timer so that it turns off at a specific time each day to help you avoid wasted energy.

Appearance Considerations

Of course, the lighting in your ballroom should be functional. However, appearance is definitely important, too. When people take a look at your hotel ballroom to determine if they want to rent it out for their event, you want them to be impressed by the appearance. At times, the small touches – such as light fixtures – can have a big impact on how the ballroom looks overall.

You will have to choose the type of aesthetic that you’d like to have in your ballroom. In a newer hotel, for example, you might want to opt for sleek, modern lighting. If you’re renovating the ballroom in an older hotel, though, you might want to choose lighting that has a more traditional look. Check out multiple styles to help you choose attractive lighting for your ballroom.

Lighting Flexibility

Lastly, you should choose lighting that is flexible. Your ballroom can be used for many different things. Businesses might want to rent your ballroom for corporate events, for example. On the other hand, individuals may want to rent your ballroom for weddings or other similar events. Choose lighting that can be dimmed and adjusted for different uses to maximize the potential uses for your space.

When choosing lighting for your hotel ballroom, don’t take the process too lightly. Instead, contact us at┬áKoncept Systems so we can help you choose the perfect lighting for your space.

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