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Our passion drives us to create immersive sound systems and captivating designs, showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation in every project we undertake together.

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Ernesto Blanco

From tinkering with light bulbs in his family’s garage at the age of 10, to DJ’ing in a teen nightclub at 14, Ernesto was destined for a career in lighting and sound. “My father would drive me to the club with my milk crates full of records, my Cervin Vega Speakers, Gemini Mixer and my Technics turntables and pick me up at midnight.  He used to sneak me back into the house, so my mom wouldn’t know I got home so late.  If it wasn’t for my dad, I wouldn’t have ever been able to have kept that gig.”  By 16, he got a job in a music store selling DJ gear and lights and it was then that he realized that lighting and sound was his true calling.

After many years of designing projects in both the U.S. and countries like Japan, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, St. Maartin and the Dominican Republic, Ernesto decided that it was time he went out on his own, and Koncept Systems was born.

Elvin Costas

Elvin was a music fan from the tender age of nine, rockin’ out to bands like AC/DC, KISS and RUSH and dreamed of one day becoming a DJ. When boys his age were playing with matchbox cars, Elvin was getting in trouble for taking apart his dad’s turntable to see how it worked. His very first DJ job was when his neighbors hired him for a whopping twenty bucks – a fortune for a nine-year-old! When his dad found out, his punishment was three weeks with no music! By the age of 14, he created a sound system out of his dad’s stereo equipment that could blow the doors off his house. Elvin went on to study sound and recording engineering and began his career working for the government. In 1993, he joined Hilton Hotels – first DJ’ing and then designing sound and lighting systems for clubs. He has been in the hospitality industry ever since, designing clubs for hotels all over Puerto Rico and gained quite a reputation. He and Ernesto met in 2015 at the Hotel San Juan and have been working together ever since.

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